Words of Inspiration from a Past Giveaway Attendee

At our annual 2014 Taffeta Tea, we were fortunate to have Kelsey Wong as one of our speakers.  Kelsey attended one of our dress giveaways and shared her experience with us.  Below is a transcript of her speech that we wanted to share.  A huge thanks to Kelsey for her inspiration and genuine thoughts!

“I’m not really that type of girl who has been waiting for prom all her Kelsey
life, honestly. I didn’t plan on going to prom. I really didn’t. It was too expensive, too glamorous, and I didn’t have a date. But for some reason,for some reason, my heart just urged me to sign up for The Princess Project, because deep inside, I actually really did want to go.

See, the problem wasn’t that, I didn’t want to go, it was that, I didn’t have the confidence to go. I’ve always had pretty bad skin, and for some reason, looking in the mirror, I saw me, I just saw my skin. I just saw the scars on my face that I have from battling acne — the same battle I am riding today. And from my mom’s side of the family, I received these plump arms and thighs, and just like, me in a dress? Me in a fancy, prom dress? No. Not going to happen. Very unlikely. But I wanted to go. And my heart knew it. And this spontaneous side of me was like, “Okay, you know what, as cheesy as this Princess Project things sounds, let’s just do it. yolo, right?”

My plan was to go to the Princess Project for like 2 minutes, then walk out when I saw the pink cheesiness of the situation. The best thing, I’ve learned this past year, is that you can never really go wrong with spontaneity. Okay, that’s not correct, but at least in this occasion, it worked out. Because walking into the Princess Project, for the first time in my life, I felt like a Princess. I really did. My fairy godmother’s name was Kathy, and she was the kindest lady in the world. And together she helped me find the prettiest dress. Everyone says their dress is the most beautiful, but believe me, mine was the most beautiful. It was a gentle pinkish peach, long, royal, classy, and just, me. I guess. It had three studded diamonds on the side, and it fit. That was great. Wearing the dress made me feel like a Princess, but more than anything, I think it was just so magical, that just with a mere 30 minutes and a dress, I changed. I felt like a Princess because of my fairy godmother. Because of the kindness I saw in people. Because of the love and care and passion for helping others that I felt. These people, all these strangers whom I never have met, whom I may possibly never meet again, took out there time to help me, pick out one dress. A very special dress. I think I actually want to get married in it. I remember walking out into the parking lot, and just crying, you know. Because I just felt so loved. And appreciated. And I felt beautiful. And it was so funny, because once again, being the girl who comes to school in T-shirts, jeans, and some kind of jacket, no makeup, glasses, braces, yeah, all of that fun, I couldn’t stop admiring my dress. I couldn’t stop secretly going to my room, trying it on like every two days.

kelsey 3I totally forgot about the part that I wasn’t going to go to Prom, because the next week I bought my ticket. And I have to say, I think prom was one of the best things I did in high school. My school’s prom was between our two weeks of AP testing, so being the nerd I am, I was totally like, should I study for my ap tests or prom? But of course the latter won out every time. I went stag, with a bunch of friends who somehow forced other guys to become their dates, so that was a bit awkward at first, but I think the song that really captures the essence of how I felt that day was Frozen’s “Let it Go.” There are times you really just need to let it go, forever, and I think through the princess project and being able to go to prom, I really let it go. I definitely jammed on the dance floor, made many memories, and had a wonderful, wonderful junior prom. I think most of all, the most meaningful thing was that my mom and dad saw me in my dress, and they were so shocked to see in (1) in a dress (2) in makeup (3) actually going to prom. That’s the last thing they expected — the last thing anyone expected. So here I am, one year later, another prom arriving around the corner. I think I have grown. Because when I look in the mirror, I see beyond my skin, and I look at my eyes. And my smile. And though I can’t see it physically, I feel the badump of my heart, and I am alive. And I owe this to attending prom, which I owe to the Princess Project, which showed me love, love, and nothing but love.”

The Princess Project Voted San Francisco’s Favorite Charity of 2013!

Photo: Nikki Ritcher, 7×7
San Francisco’s Favorite Charity 2013

A huge thanks to 7×7 and PG&E for honoring us as San Francisco’s Favorite Charity for 2013!  On January 7, 2014, we attended the awards ceremony for the Top 7 Charities, which included Minds Matter of San Francisco, MickaCoo Pigeon and Dove Rescue, San Francisco LGBT Community Center, Leap… Imagination in Learning, Habitat for Humanity, and San Francisco and Marin Food Banks.  By winning this award, we were granted a $10,000 prize that we plan to use to fulfill the size needs for all teens at our San Francisco chapter.  Part of our mission is to be inclusive and celebrate beauty of all shapes and sizes, and we are so thrilled to be able to expand our dress offering with this extra financial support.  We want to thank the entire San Francisco community for all of their votes and support – we couldn’t have done it without you!

For more information on our win, please see the article featured on the website of PG&E, who sponsored the contest, and 7X7’s announcement!

Silicon Valley: Princess Diaries

We just loved this letter from one of our 2012 Dress Giveaway attendees!

I found the most beautiful dress. It is a semi golden/yellow Vera Wang strapless dress. When I put it on everyone’s jaws dropped and they said “wow”. I really did feel like a princess, something that in my life I have never felt.

I honestly thank all the wonderful benefactors. I want to thank everyone involved with Princess Project especially the people who donated the dresses and the ladies helping us choose the dresses.

I thank you for giving me more than you think, you have not only established my faith that there is still good people willing to do good things without gaining anything also that anyone’s dreams can come true.

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